Aravindan is a daydreamer - literally and figuratively. Loves: coffee, Sachin’s cover drives, Rahman’s interludes, Manirathnams Madras, Eastwoods subtlety, Greg Houses irreverence, Woody Allen's wit, political philosophy, sociology, moral psychology, blasphemy, reading sentences, graphic designing, critiquing movies, and mocking ludicrous populist tendencies. 


  Hosni,is an electrical and electronics engineer who just graduated from BITS, Dubai. Music,books,movies,guitar(even though he doesnt know how to play one) and "nongu sarbath" are not only some of his interests, but passion also. Not to mention Jack Bauer and House.He also loves hanging around with his friends and pointlessly wasting time with them at juice bars and "bajji shops". Of late, he has been blogging on and off on topics that interest him, especially history, economics and science.
All of this mingled with an immense sense of curiosity, immeasurable boredom for doing anything productive combined with a weird sense of humor - well, that should give you a complete picture of Hosni.

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