October 1, 2008

God Prefers Atheists

Is there god ? If you think there is one, let you know that, God prefers an Atheist to a theist.
Which side are you in ?



  1. Anusha

    God chooses to ignore them i guess...His trademark character :P

  2. agnostic s much better than atheist na theist..thr s possibility atheist n theist may quarrel in d name of godn existence..while agnostic s least bothered n minds his bussiness[:D]{:P]

  3. Hmm..actually its the other way round...A theist is convinced about the existence of God and an atheist is convinced tht there is no such thing called "GOd"..Agnostics are confused whether or not such a thing exists...They are caught in the middle..
    As far as i knw, ppl who claim to be agnostics have faith in god,even though they pretend as if they dont care :|....Y is that so??

  4. is dat so?does being agnostic bother them too much????????

  5. Agnostic people just dont want to reveal, which side they are in! Sitting on the fence to be precise!
    I am an atheist and I don't want others to change my view! Likewise, I wont try to convince a theist about the non-existence of God! Theists and Atheists are far better than Agnostics!


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