October 2, 2008

The Great Wall

                -   "Have you ever stopped by a “Wall” and admired its beauty?"
                -    "Ever strained your brain cells to think what a “Wall” is capable of?"
                -   "Ever knocked a “Wall” to test its strength?"   

If not, then read on. This article muses on the life of a Wall; not just about the “Wall” made of bricks and cement but about the “Great wall of Indian cricket”, made of strength, patience, perseverance and determination.

 “It is unnoticed”- People walk by it and never care to acknowledge what it has given them. “It is uncared” – A wall if damaged, is uncared for, and no effort is made to repair it; smiling back with its broken limbs, it never fails in its duty. Its services are ignored and forgotten all the time. As its counterparts evolve and age, the “Wall”- still young, renders its services without any compromise or remuneration. It stands by time and keeps challenging whatever tries to knock it down.

The Wall is made not just with bricks and cement but is composed of strength and determination- that it can stand ground against any forces and never falters without a fight. It is patient and never bored by its “one of a kind” nature. Unrelenting, still patiently delivers without any companion to rely on.

People stumble upon the Wall, not to admire it but to see the “Posters” glued to it. The posters keep changing with time, but the Wall remains entrenched without inching even a step forward. The Wall uncaring about shadowing its own self assists in bonding the “Posters” to it; never tears open the posters, to publicize itself.

The Wall has to face hard stones and harsh treatment time and again. Whether it rains or snows the Wall keeps silencing people who question its ability to stand against the nature. In fact, the Wall strengthens more with time and evolves with crisis.

the great wall
 The Wall is not deceived by its superficial surroundings. The fancy looking, fragile structures in its neighborhood, grabbing the eyeballs, doesn’t bother it and it keeps strengthening itself. As time unfolds, the remains of the fancy structures are nowhere to be seen, but the Wall stands tall and unshaken even then.  

 Just as the “The Great Wall of China”, which is the only structure seen from above the Earth(or so they say), this “Great Wall of Indian Cricket” will occupy a unique place in history; The Wall uncaring about its own achievements, keeps guarding the house, unknowing that history has etched its name among the greatest guardians ever. As they say “Old soldiers never die, they fade away”, "The Wall", will never crumble but will fade into the horizon of time.


  1. good post! wall stands tall always!

  2. gethu da..but u never mentioned his name in de entire post..in case some ppl who dunno him(hmmm..may be one in a billion) happen 2 c ur post..be proud to say his name ...RAHUL DRAVID --INDIA'S PRIDE

  3. There is only ONE wall! THE wall! So no need to mention his name! The world knows!

  4. Perfect comparision... Bang on!!!
    Hats off 2 u dude 4 dis gr8 work!!!

  5. Aravindan,

    a great post there, found your website from the equator.

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