September 27, 2008

Is Sachin the greatest cricketer ?

~This article was written by Ajith Kumar (Moderator of Sachin Tendulkar fans community,Orkut). This is one of my favourite articles on Sachin.  ~

"Mirror Mirror answer me. Is Sachin the greatest ?"

Comments by ex cricketers; media furious over sachin; doubts among his loyal supporters; what is his future? and what is the future of indian cricket without sachin ?


Ya, I stood before a honest Mirror and asked the mirror, "Is there still some magic left in his bat" ?

The mirror told me..
A 15 year kid was booed and asked to go and drink milk by 1000s of paki supporters, but the kid replied by hitting 4 sixes of, the all time best spin wizard abdul quadir..

The mirror immediately added that, it is not just history even two months back when every one was criticising him for not hitting a match winning hundred he hit a 100 of 76 balls, which proves that he has lot of fuel in him..

I asked the MIRROR is Sachin blocking the entry of some youngsters ?
The mirror told me, well even in the recently concluded ranji trophy, sachin was the only composed batsman in both the teams to destroy the best bowling attack of that season, who else can replace him? who has played better than him in the domestic circuit?

I then asked the MIRROR is Lara better than Sachin today ?
The mirror told me, " noway".. Sachin still want to open and control the proceedings unlike lara who comes in at 3rd, 4th or 5th down to escape the new ball and to play out the 5th and 6th bowler of the opposition.. and there is not a single match winning innings of lara for the past two years, and the MIRROR asked me if i can name a odi match winning
 innings or lara.

I then asked the MIRROR who is the greatest Indian cricketer ?
The mirror answered me.. "I dont know about the greatest indian cricketer", but I can tell you about the greatest player to play this game ever and his name is Sachin Tendulkar..

I asked the MIRROR why?
The mirror replied, when a country was completely deprived of economic, intellectual, natural and sporting wealth. And when half the gold of our country was given to the world bank for loan and when india was considered as a third world nation and when we indians lacked confidence even to keep our heads high.. when the whole nation was craving for a reason to be proud of.. and when even a fourth position in olympics (PT usha) was considered as a great achievement and a thing to cherish.. a star arose.. sorry a SUN arose.. a 15 year old kid made the indians proud...

Proved that world records can be created even by indians.. he not only changed the indian cricket single handedly.. he changed the outlook of indians single handedly..
Indians were no more losers.. they too can achieve.. he inspired a generation and many more generations to come..
The cricketers of the same team who are elder to him now (Rahul dravid) got inspired form that kid..

And that kid carried the burdens in his shoulders to make a millions to smile. So, He is the greatest sporting personality ever.

I then asked the MIRROR is he not earning a lot and is he not spending a lot of time in advertisements ?
The mirror replied me, well a CEO who is carrying the burden and responsibility of a company is paid a lot, should a person who is carrying the responsibility of a whole nation, not be paid heavily?

Moreover, knowing his responsiblities he has never used his star status to do wrong things, When UBgroup approached him with a heavy amount he simply refused to do an ad for king fisher mineral water.

He is earning a lot and unlike Mr. Steve waugh(taking nothing away from his deeds) he does a lot of things without media hypes for orphans, people with cancer and eye problems.. should such a person not earn more.. Mr. Laloo who has criticised the cricketers and has earned in billions by corruption can he not earn money by his hard work??

I then asked the MIRROR, so wat is wrong ?
The mirror answered me, i am not a magical mirror to tell you future. But i am a honest mirror, I dont know what lies ahead, but without sachin cricket will become just like another sport, you can produce world champions, record breakers and heroes but nobody can inspire a nation for 18 years like what the master has done.

I then asked the MIRROR, What about the criticism of former players ?

The mirror answered me, They are doing their duty sincerely and we should not blame them, the media want them to write and pays them so in return the media should earn so they write against the most popular hero so that the program, newspaper or electronic article will be seen by many. They are earning money and fame for themselves and their employers, nothing wrong in that.

I asked the MIRROR, so what is wrong?
The mirror answered me, you stupid, unloyal, shameless, heartless, senseless and brainless idiot.. you enjoyed his batting for nearly two decades and boasted about him and his cricket for nearly two decades and after a two match failure you ditch him and ask for his retirement and believe in those critics than believing in the master. So all the mistake is in your side..

He opened for india and took india single handedly for semi finals and then to finals and against his wish he was brought down the order and both times india failed even to qualify for further rounds.. and you blame him for everything.

It also added that "I dont want to reply to people with short term memory loss like you. good bye".

And ALAS! the mirror became dumb.. and i could not talk to it anymore..


  1. Every indian should read this article and many would comply with the mirror.....many with reference to india is about 7 billion....

  2. "Is Sachin the greatest cricketer ?" ...lolzzzz...u hav a gr8 sense of humour machi....rofl..

  3. The people who critiises him have not done even 10% of what sachin had done......Sachin, the only master for ever

  4. awesome da.nice article............


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