September 27, 2008

Sakarakatti Movie Review

Sometimes in life your instincts disappoints you, and yes this time around my instincts didnt just disappoint me,but almost got me killed. Inspired from my rebirth, i was so curious to write this review to cherish the mission of saving the world !

This movie will make your adrenaline glands pump like never before and you will see the real "you" showing all forms of emotion in the course of the movie. The director of the movie has tried to achieve that whatever it takes !

The initial scenes of the movie showing the childhood of the hero and his friends will make you ask "What the hell, when is the story gonna start?". Offcourse the director offers you a starter in the mean time,the "Elay" song. 

Soon the story begins to unfold. Next five minutes the director captures the conversation between the hero and the friends, very natural and non-cinema like !!  Does it ring a bell to you ? It did to me. I don't mean now to say that it was inspired by the very real conversation that happens in Tarantino's "Reservoir dogs". Forget it ! The very next scene, the hero happens to meet the heroine (first heroine) accidentally.  Like a twist to the tale, the hero falls in love at first sight, which is something very new to tamil cinema if not to Indian cinema. 
Yet to recover from the beautiful sight of the heroine, the hero tells his love fable to his friends, who ignore it completely. The very next moment, the hero sees the heroine entering his own classroom and the plot is now wide open for the audience to speculate whats gonna happen next.
To everyones surprise, the hero encounters with another girl(second heroine) who happens to be his own cousin. The second heroine falls for the hero. In the meantime, the first heroine accepts the hero's proposal and they fall in love. From there on, its the battle between the first and the second heroine to get the hero. 

A triangular love story told in a fashion like never before and it left the audience shouting like hell in every frame. There were moments during the movie,when the whole crowd got on from their seats and said "Bravo man,bravo". The director has carved each frame of the movie with perfection and had a tag of uniqueness in every scene. For e.g, the hero speaks like as if he has landed straight from the U.S and guess what, he happens to be graduated from a corporation school according to the plot. That says it all, the heights of uniquess and the thinking skills applied by the director. The CG for the songs are out of the world, matching or infact bettering the likes of Matrix or Jurassic park. 

The director has unlocked a new door for the world to see, on how a movie should be made and inspires Tamil cinema industry as a whole. Watch out for this guy, who to me seems as a "Stanley kubrick" meets "nolan" type !!

Bottom line : "Dare to watch this movie"

Rating : I dont want to have a battle with "Godfather" or "Dark Knight" fans by rating this masterpiece !



  1. WOW, great review man. I seriously has to watch Matrix again to check if the CG works can anywhere come near to Sakkarakatti

  2. gr8 machi...u ve spoken d hearts of millions of those un4tun8 fans ho are sweatin it out to watch dis FUCKIN film!!!..hats off!!!

  3. OMG i wanna watch this movie !
    OMG i wanna watch this movie !
    OMG i wanna watch this movie !
    OMG i wanna watch this movie !
    OMG i wanna watch this movie !


  4. waiting to watch sakarakatti..... Rahmans another beautiful masterpeice.


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