April 22, 2009

IPL: Common sense not their cup of Tea?

The biggest cricketing league is back again this summer after lots of setbacks and controversies. Not to mention the recent sensation created by the Fake IPL Player. Within just a few days into the league, it has raised questions of common sense asscoiated with the league.

1. When IPL was launched last summer, it was intended to polarize the country into different teams localized to a city/state, a model which is not new for sporting leagues and events across the globe. The franchise owners of the IPL teams, self proclaiming to be lovers of the game, have lost a touch of common sense in equating business with the love for the game among the Indian crowd. Take for instance, Chennai fans, known to be the best behaved and a passionate cricket loving crowd is yet to see any honest attachment of their Super-kings team with their home city “Chennai”. CSK fans are made to witness a promo of their own team in Hindi- “Enna Koduma Saravanan ithu!” (Sorry,Chennai jargon).
Most IPL teams have failed to capture the essence of their own backyard. Sorry, but does that make any sense considering the theme of the league? 

2. Sony Max back in 2003 World Cup introduced a female host on screen, for a cricket analysis show with absolutely no knowledge of the game, as a ploy to attract more women towards the game (or was it meant otherwise?). Needless to say the kind of reaction and attention that female anchor generated, irrespective of all ages. The channel is back again this IPL season, with cricket analysts who analyze the matches most of the time in HINDI. If this was again their ploy to increase their viewer base, then I won’t be surprised to see their analysts speaking in Tamil or Kannada or Telugu or Bengali during CSK, RCB or KKR matches in the future. And why is Arun Lal, a distinguished unlucky commentator for Indian matches, known for his English fluency while commentating, analyzing the game in Hindi? Sorry but did I hear an echo prompting “NO COMMON SENSE”.

3. Lalit Modi, the proud chairman and the brain behind the successful league may have caught attention for his dramatic management skills in making IPL possible in a short interval in South Africa. If an event of this magnitude can be set in a different country in just a few weeks, what prevented him from letting Pakistan players to play in the league? Preventing the players to play on grounds of time surpassed in announcing the final list of team players sounds absurd and is a mockery to the professional standards set by Modi himself in conducting the league.

4. The PAGE 3 IPL owners, are making more news than the Wisden listed top cricketers for reasons which makes lesser sense than saying Mr.Lalu Prasad will be the next Prime Minister of India .
  •  KKR has a owner who doesnt mind a foreign coach bossing his team and eventually ousting his captain,a man who is a demigod to their home city;Sacked from captaincy not on the grounds of performance or ability to lead the team but because of some extra terrestrial theories of their so called successful coach
  • RCB owner Mallya has no doubt raised eyebrows with his highest bid for Pietersen in the recent IPL auction. What went unnoticed was the exchange of Zaheer khan to Mumbai for the Bangalore lad Uthappa. And does this decision make any cricketing sense? Why would anybody trade one among the best contemporary bowlers of a “Batsman’s game” to a mediocre batsman. If it was because, he is a home lad, then I doubt whether even cricket fans from Banglore would agree to that.
  • A celebrity team owner ("Big sister") on conversation with their team pace bowler commented- “I hope you spin the ball better this time around!”. Sorry, but it hurts now to be a purist of the game after hearing such comments from people who talk absolutely no sense on the game of Cricket. Thanks to IPL for giving them this platform.
IPL may have succeeded in stealing the show biz from Political parties this election season, but I doubt it has displayed any better sense than election manifestos or promises of Indian political parties.


  1. Hey buddy!

    Seems like you have great analytical power and used that to the effect of addressing IPL!
    Here are my thoughts :
    1) Yes, I agree team should have local flavour. If I consider the KKR song it does with the bengali flavour - Korbo, Lorbo, Jitbo re - though you'd agree that KKR is slowly moving away from Bengal. Firstly, the sacking of DADA, followed by dropping "Kolkata" from the brand, and now the speculation of moving the base from Kolkata to Ahmedabad. I'd not be surprised to see Dada not playing next season and the "Korbo Lorbo Jitbo" taken out from the theme song. The last time I saw an ad where Dhoni was emulating Rajanikanth - Pepsi ad I guess, well but that's not official and truely doesn't add tamil flavour to the CSK team!

    2) Mandira Bedi - aka "Sandy Baddy babe" according to the fake IPL player still doesnt know a lot about cricket, has done away with her hair and noodle straps this time and thinks that she's acting smart with the commentary part and talking with players but can't still do away with feeler sounds like "aaa..." et al! I think Mandira was included cleverly as a strategy to popularize cricekt among women, and that strategy migth have workd quite well. What I would have liked to see was Mandira doing some work on her cricket knowledge and emotions! ( is till cant forget her sorry, about-to-cry face during the World Cup! Arunlal is the funniest Hindi commentator around! You don't know how much bullshit he used to speak when he commented in Hindi on the National network, more than bullshit his comments were so idiotic and stuff - think of this particular situation : "Laxman took a single and gave the strike to tendulkar in some test match and Sachin hit a four the next ball : Arunlal's analysis : It was because of Laxman that Sachin could hit a Four! as if sachin was dependent on Laxman!

    3) In not allowing the Pakistani players from playing the IPl to things might have worked and those were not related to the professional standards or relations :
    a) The Govt. doesn't like to have cricketing relations with Pakistan for the moment after the Mumbai attacks. IPL primarily being an Indian brainchild should also align with the thoughts of the Govt.
    b) Similar to Indian govt thoughts, Pakistan Govt would not have liked the fact that their players get involved with an Indian context, especially after India refused to tour Pakistan ealier.

    4) Can't agree more on the unnoticed fact of exchange of Zaheer Khan with Uthappa. Infact I was also wondering the same - you just made it clear!

  2. Partha
    Some Excellent points there.I kinda understand the reason for Modi's decision(as u have mentioned)of not allowing the Pakistan players but i believe he should have been man enough to openly declare the reason behind the decision.

  3. First-time-visitor to ur blog and am very impressed with the contents... Regarding IPL, yes am losing interest in KKR for a variety of reasons... I would pen down all of those, once the KKR is completely out of this edition of the tournament...

  4. a very beautiful blog...congrats


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